What are the disadvantages of biotechnology?



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    Concerning human health, we don’t know yet what kind of effects biotechnologically designed food might have on humans.  A lot of GMOs are made to be insect resistant and contain chemicals that act like pesticides; how these components might affect humans is not known.  Also biotechnology is very different from the crossbreeding farmers have practiced throughout the years: sometimes very foreign genes are introduced into a plant’s recombinant DNA and the results are unpredictable.  Genetically modified tobacco caused the tobacco to produce toxins not found in non GMO tobacco.  Placing extra hormones in cow to stimulate milk production may be linked to higher mammary cancer rates in humans consuming the milk.  

         Environmentally, GMOs have cross-bred with regular crops because seeds were carried into fields of regular crops by the wind.  Now Monsanto is creating plants that won’t reproduce, but this opens up a whole new dilemma concerning human rights.  Farmers would be consistently dependent on Monsanto to get new seeds.  Finally another concern raised by biotechnology is the influence it might have on the evolution of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and insects that would normally prey on plants.  What happens if they become stronger as a result of exposure to GMOs and wipe out the GMOs and regular plants?  Then what?http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/042006_biodiversity_gmo.shtml

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