What are the dis-advantages and advantages of friction



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    Two advantages of friction is that it is easy to generate heat, and it is necessary for walking.  A disadvantage of friction is that it can cause difficulty in motion, and thus extra energy may be needed for mobility. 

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    Imagining a world in which friction did not exist is nearly impossible — not only would you not be able to grab onto anything, there wouldn’t be a you in the first place, because gravity alone would not be able to do enough to hold cells together. Therefore there are infinite advantages to there being friction… molecules aren’t constantly slipping and sliding and always becoming unattached from one another whenever there is a collision strong enough to overcome the gravitational pull between the two! — Friction is clutch (get it, car guys and gals!?)… some disadvantages are that it causes ware in machine parts and that it slows us down in our travels — indeed if cars traveled in a vaccum, then fuel mileage would increase significantly — and that’s because of the friction between air molecules and the car’s body!

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    Frictional force is required to convert the kinetic energy of molecules into heat.  Without heat (be it from solar or geothermal sources), life on our planet could not be sustained. Indirectly, friction thus supports life. 

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