What are the details of Obama’s Home Star Program?



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    Here is an overview of the Home Star program provided by the White House and a link to the full document outlining this program.

    HOME STAR – National Initiative to Retrofit America’s Homes for Jobs and the Climate

    We are at a unique place where the need to restore American jobs and competitiveness meets ourmission to reduce our impact on climate. We have a rare opportunity to build a sustainable andscalable home retrofitting industry. Our proposed plan is called HOME STAR, and it isdesigned to jumpstart an industry of over 1 million workers retrofitting 100 million US homesand reducing U.S. carbon footprint by 5% by 2030. It is inspired by Silicon Valley entrepreneursand modeled on proven programs across the country. This approach has been vetted byenvironmental groups, labor, and industry, and will bring national focus and funding toreinvigorate the American construction industry, create good jobs and reduce energy demand.Retrofitting homes for energy efficiency is a fast, affordable way to create new careers thatcannot be outsourced overseas. Skilled but unemployed construction workers can be rapidlyretrained to deliver services to a new and growing home performance industry. New entrants tothe construction industry can be trained and provided with industry recognized credentials thatwill both allow them to contribute to this effort and set them on a long term career path in theconstruction industry. Home performance companies employ certified professionals whoassess homes and trained retrofitters who implement solutions that can include white roofing,caulking, insulation, window, high efficiency HVAC or other upgrades to reduce wasted energyin American homes, while improving indoor air quality and comfort. Depending on the location,age, size of the house, and level of investment, retrofitting an average home can cut energy billsby 10 to 40%. For millions of people, this is a sound investment even without a governmentincentive. But with a focused support program from the government as described below, it coulddrive a massive increase in consumer demand for energy efficiency, while simultaneouslyspurring companies to invest in this new and growing industry.

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