What are dart boards made of?



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    Dart boards are often made of cork or sisal. Cork tends to crumble, however. Tournament dart boards are made of 5/8 inch thick particle board with bands of steel around it.

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    Modern dart boards are made of sisal fibers. It’s a stiff fiber that is also used to make rope and twine. Some cheaper dartboards are made of coiled paper.

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    Dart boards began throwing spears at trees or barrels. Modern day dart boards are made up of different materials including cork, sisal, and synthetic materials.

    Tournament dartboards are made with a high quality particle boards for the backboard. To hold all the sisal fibers and pieces together, bands of steel encircle the board (lots of pressure involved). Then comes the sisal or hemp (cork crumbles fairly easily and is not used for official tournaments).

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    Usually dart boards are made from sisal. Sisal is a plant that yields a stiff fiber that is also used for making twine and rope.

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