What are the dangers of microwave prepared foods?



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    An experiment was done in 1989 on microwave food that proved some alarming theories. After eating what is more microwave victuals than the average person would likely consume, subjects began to show traits of blood change comparable to the beginning of pathogens in cancer patients. Microwaves make “atoms, molecules and cells reverse polarity billions of times per second”, this creates “radiolytic compounds” which are not found in the natural world. The attached article has a whole bunch of information on the negative effects on microwaves have on food.   

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    There are conflicting studies regarding the carcinogenic nature of food cooked in a microwave. Microwaving food does not make it ‘radioactive,’ but has been shown to generate the chemical acrylamide, which is a carcinogen, in carbohydrate-rich foods.

    If a microwave is working properly, there is little danger from the radiation itself, as microwave radiation is non-ionizing. As long as you are not pressed against the appliance, danger is minimal. More worrying is the danger of superheated food or uneven cooking, which may allow bacteria to survive. The likelihood of overcooking food in a microwave also causes concerns about lowering nutritional value.

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    Microwave ovens decrease the nutritional value of food. They lower the amount of B12 in food, which is an essential component of red blood-cell formation. Also, they break down bacteria-digesting enzymes and decrease the antibody levels in breastmilk, both of which have negative affects on infants.

    In addition to the effects on nutrition, it is also unsafe to use plastic in microwaves. Cancer-causing chemicals may leak into your food.

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    Plastics should not be used in the microwave–even ones that are “microwave safe.” The heat softens the plastics and allow for more chemicals to enter your food. Frozen Microwave prepared meals can be notoriously over processed and unhealthy.

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