What are customers saying about the Nissan Leaf?



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    One of the reviews from autoguide.com thought that the car works perfect with the environment, “the leaf certainly succeeds. Beyond that, it’s possible to live with (an impressive feat all on its own), but far from ideal. To reach in to the mainstream it needs either an all-day driving range or a charge time equivalent to a gas station fill up. Let’s be honest, 7 hours is impressive, but if EVs are to catch on, even 7 minutes is too long.” 

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    An EV takes 10 seconds to charge: five seconds to plug it in before you go to bed and five seconds to unplug it in the morning.

    Ed Thorpe told me that the Nissan Leaf drivers are very happy with their cars. However, it is rather ludicrous that the Leaf only gets 70 miles on a charge when the commercially produced electric cars of the 1990’s got 100-120 miles on a charge.


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