what are the current problems faced by yaks



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    Yaks are currently faced with numerous problems. The biggest threat yaks face is uncontrolled hunting. Yaks use to roam in abundance on the Tibetian Plateau north of the Himalayas, central China, India, Bhutan and Nepal. Yaks now are losing their alpine meadows and their steppe habitat to pastoralists. Domestic yaks are also threatening wild yaks by the transferring of diseases.

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    In addition to elizatran48’s comments, The International Wildlife Encyclopedia says that — while legally protected — poaching by local tribes is uncontrolled in China and India. It also mentions that, even though herders value wild yak, they are often being hybred with with domestic cattle. Yak’s only natural predators are wolves and bears, and even then, only unprotected calves are vulnerable.

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