What are the criteria for chemicals to be the EPA’s banned chemicals list?



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    In 1976, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was passed and since then only 5 chemicals have been put on the banned list.  There are 80,000 chemicals that the TSCA has inventoried, but the EPA has fallen behind in requiring testing and keeping track.  There are no official criteria for a banned or restricted chemical but the impetus behind restricting it is of course human and environmental health concerns.

    Recently, the Obama Administration declared that the TSCA should be strengthened and subsequently listed a “Essential Principles for Reform of Chemical Management Legislation”:

    • Chemicals should be reviewed against risk-based safety standards based on sound science and protective of human health and the environment
    • Manufacturers should provide EPA with the necessary information to conclude that new and existing chemicals are safe and do not endanger public health or the environment
    • EPA should have clear authority to take risk management actions when chemicals do not meet the safety standard, with flexibility to take into account sensitive subpopulations, costs, social benefits, equity and other relevant considerations.
    • Manufacturers and EPA should assess and act on priority chemicals, both existing and new, in a timely manner
    • Green Chemistry should be encouraged and provisions assuring Transparency and Public Access to Information should be strengthened
    • EPA should be given a sustained source of funding for implementation
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