What are contact lenses made from?



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    The materials involved in contct lens manufacturing are very complicated to describe. Contact lenses have a copolymer composition. The material is made of copolymerized comonomers which can be either “(a) about 1-95 parts by weight of a hydroxy ester silane of the structure ##STR5## where R=CH3 –, H– X, Y=C1 -C6 Alkyl, phenyl, Z ##STR6## n=1-3 m=1-5” or “(b) an alkyl-alkoxy silane of the structure ##STR7## where R1, R2 and R3 –C1 -C6 Alkyl

    n=an integer from 1-3,

    said alkyl-alkoxy silane being present in an amount of 0 parts by weight to just below stoichiometric with respect to said hydroxy ester silane; and

    (c) about 99-5 parts by weight of a C1 -C20 alkanol ester of acrylic or methacrylic acid.” I know this is complicated but these are the chemical components to contact lenses.

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