What are contact lenses made out of?



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    Simple answer: PLASTIC (and WATER).
    This website shows the different kinds of contact lenses that have been made and what they were made of. The first contacts were made out of glass! Lately, contacts are made out of silicone and a polymer that allows oxygen to pass through (which is more comfortable for the eye).

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    simply, thin clear plastic known as polymers.

    The first contacts (1960s) were composed of of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)which is also used to make plexiglass. Today, they are a combination of of PMMA. In 1979, the first rigid gas-permeable lenses (known as RGP) became available to consumers. These lenses combine PMMA with silicone and fluoropolymers so oxygen can pass directly through the lens to the eye. This makes the lens more comfortable in addition to providing more crisp vision, and are much better at correcting astigmatism and bifocal needs.

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