What are the consequences of wars on the environment?



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    One of the worst ecological damages that come from warfare is a product of what is called Herbicidal Warfare. Popularized by the vicious attacks of the US government in Vietnam, this usually practiced by destroying the basic plant based ecosystems of a region, thereby disrupting food productions and eliminated natural cover for enemy combatants. Prevalent use of napalm and the toxic herbicide Agent Orange led to not only substantial disruptions in the country’s food supply leading to thousands of civilian deaths from starvation, but also to extreme physical and environmental health problems ranging from cancers to birth defects and extreme chemical and traditional burns. The majority of those affected by these attacks were Vietnamese civilians which makes them particularly offensive, although since the war ended, both the US government and the companies that manufactured these chemicals have paid substantial damages for both physical health and environmental health damages stemming from the practice of herbicidal warfare.

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