What are the consequences for China building its Three Gorges Dam?



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    There are many impacts on China as a result of building the world’s largest dam system, the Three Gorges Dam. The most striking impact was the relocation of 1.2 million people, all of whom lost their homes, farmlands and jobs. Most were forced to urban areas where living is quite different form teh rural areas. This will mean a dramatic change in family dynamics and traditions for many, as well as the need to acquire new job skills. There were also many historic and sentimental sites such as burial grounds that were lost forever by the dam’s creation. Environmental impacts are just as severe. The reservoir created by the dam will change the temperature and salinity of the water. Also, the Yangtze River will lose much of it’s flow, which damages farming downstream and lessens the flushing of pollutants and sewage from the river system. Changing the ecosystem on both sides of the dam will have an impact on wildlife, including many endangered species.

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