What are the consequences of the captive dolphin industry?



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    The negative consequences for dolphins is high.  They are hunted and separated from their families, then those that are not choosen for aquariums are killed.  Many die within the first 90 days of capture.  Most only have a life expectancy in captivity of about 5 years.  Many dolphins are starved to aid in training.  Dolphins are in tanks that have many chemicals including chlorine which they wouldn’t naturally be in contact with. There is no global oversight for the captive dolphin industry as a whole, so deaths do not have to be reported. 

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    A decrease in dolphin life. Those that are captive in tanks may become blind due to the water containing various chemicals and bacteria. Some animals are mistreated and not fed so that they will perform properly for performances. This website contains many consequences of the captive dolphin industry.

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