What are conflict minerals?



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    Conflict minerals are minerals mined in areas dominated by war and human rights abuses (specifically the Democratic Republic of Congo).  The mines are generally controlled by fighting military groups, who subject their employees to continuous violence and dehumanization and use the money from the mines to fund their military efforts.  The four main conflict minerals are tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold, much of which end up in electronics.

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    These are also known as conflict diamonds, where diamonds are farmed by miners living in horrible conditions. The miners are risking their lives in these caves that are often unstable. What’s even worse is there are young children in these mines trying to support their families. For more information, please find the link below. 

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    I noticed that this question is pretty much answered, but I figured I would put in my two cents anyway. If you would like a good movie to watch that deals with conflict diamons, I highly recommend “Lord of War.” In addition to being educational, it is a very entertaining and well-done movie with great actors. I just watched it for like the fourth time last night.

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