What are the conditions dogs are subjected to in puppy mills?



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    Some of the conditions that they are subject to include:
    • Dogs are usually kept in small wire cages with no padding or support, and usually stacked on top on one another, and never let out. Therefore leading to excrement in the same area, which is very unhealthy and unsanitary.
    • fed rarely and poorly, not offered adequate nutrition
    • denied care and attention
    • kept in unheated or uncooled buildings


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    Puppy mills are not kind places for dogs. They are places where dogs are bred to produce as many puppies as quickly as possible. Dogs go into heat about every 8 months and have a litter of puppies following mating with a male dog. Female dogs produce and supply milk to their pups so they must have a proper diet filled with vitamins so they are strong and healthy.

    Most of the conditions in places such as puppy mills are not cleaned and dogs have little space to run around and get exercise. They do not receive quality food and may be underfed.

    We must try to report and stop places that are breeding dogs in such a manner. Dogs deserve good living conditions and food. There are so many dogs in need of adoption that we do not need puppy mills to produce more dogs that may not find a good home.

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