What are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs?



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    Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, are a more efficient form of lightbulb than the typical incadescent bulb that was invented in the 1800s by Thomas Edison, among others. CFLs are more efficient than incadescents because they’re constructed with different materials and in a different way to waste less heat per amount of light generated. So that means they’re more energy efficent at producing light than incandescent bubls. There’s a push to use them more now to help save energy.

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    Karitate18 is exactly right.  CFLs are more efficent than the incandescent bulb.  They produce the same amount of light, but CFLs use less electricity.  According to engerystar.gov, CFLs contain 4 milligrams of mercury, which is what allows the bulb to be so energy efficent.  They can also be recycled too, making them much more environmentally friendly.  

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