What are common misconceptions about sustainability?



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    According to an article on Bank Rate magazine, here are ten common misconceptions about the green lifestyle:


    Separating green facts from green fiction often results in inaction. Don’t let these 10 myths stop you.

    1. Small changes don’t matter.
    2. “Green” choices are painful and expensive.
    3. Keeping old appliances is “greener” than buying new.
    4. The U.S. needs more power plants for energy needs.
    5. The cost of your commute is a fixed expense.
    6. At the grocery store, eco-friendly options are expensive.
    7. If an appliance is off, it’s not using power.
    8. Hybrid vehicles are automatically better than nonhybrids.
    9. There are millions of vehicles running on ethanol.
    10. There’s only one “right” answer to your eco-dilemma.

    For the full article, click the citation link.

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    I agree, and would add a couple.  I think that too many people underestimate the power to taking care of nature, gardening, and spending time outdoors. 

    I think too many people feel that the consequences of climate change will come in decades, and can’t be seen right away.

    I think too many people still target SUV’s and trucks as the the biggest culprit in pollution and wasting energy, when there are other factors that are bigger contributers, such as the meat industry.

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