What are the chances of the current climate and energy bills being passed through congress?



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    Depending on who you ask, the chances of a climate and energy bill passing Congress ranges from almost there to not even close and everything in between. While there was much excitement and momentum early on in addressing this issue, much of that has changed, especially after Copenhagen. Progressives supporting climate and energy legislation felt that Copenhagen would help push this through Congress and create the much needed change this country needs in terms of greenhouse gas regulation, emissions, etc. However, most progressives feel the United States walked away from Copenhagen having failed to accomplish anything of importance. Senators Kerry (D – Mass.), Graham (R – SC) and Lieberman (I – Conn.) wrote a bipartisan bill, but it really does not do enough to address climate change. So, we may have a bill pass through Congress this year, however, it will most likely not be the strong bill many of us had hoped for.  

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