what are the chances of a baby two week old wild rat carrying disease

about three or four days ago ,my cat killed a mother rat and three babies ,me and my brother were looking for the last of the litter in hopes of saving it .my brother gave up and i found a baby thats about two weeks old ,he is doing great but what are the chances of a young rat like that having disease ,ps we live in the country side kinda and found him living in the woods could someone please help answer my question!



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    Anywhere from zero percent to 100%. If you want to know, take it to a vet.

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    You should definitely take it to a vet’s office.  Wild animals of all types can carry leptospirosis, which can be passed to humans.  If it gets passed to a child, it can be extremely dangerous. 

    That said, it is rare for a rat in a devloped nation to have it, but you can’t be too careful, and I say this as a pet rat lover, and someone who participated in a rescue that led to our having 21 rats that needed to find permanent homes.

    Wild rats are different than pet rats just because wild rats are exposed to so many more things that can be a danger.  It’s highly possible this rat is healthy, though, and just needs some good nutrition in order to thrive, so getting its health checked is a good idea, anyway.

    The chances of your getting rabies from the rat are exceedingly rare.  Rabies is passed through saliva, and the bite of a rat is dry, so if you get bitten, don’t panic.

    Take the rat to the vet to make sure it’s fine and dandy, and then if you can, keep it as a pet.  Rats are lots of fun.  They are smart, and very similar to dogs in their personalities.  They have problem solving skills, and love to play with toys of all types, and are very easy to feed.

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