What are the celebrities in Hollywood doing to help out with our environmental problems?



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    A lot of stuff.  Here are some highlights but check out this list for more. http://www.allamericanspeakers.com/Green_Celebrities_&_Green_Speakers.php

    The Dave Matthews offsets the footprint of their tours by funding wind turbines and tree plantings.

    Richard Branson pledged to use his company’s profits to fund biofuel research.

    Edward Norton launched BP Solar Neighbors, which matches solar panel installation on celebrities homes with solar installation on homes in low-income areas of Los Angeles.


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    Many celebrities have been lending their money and time to various green causes. They make appearances at events, speak on talk shows, lend their voices in documentaries; and even volunteer for different environmental non-profit organizations. Some of the more recognized celebrities, in the green field, include Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Redford, Bono, Harrison Ford, and Woody Harrison.

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    One celebrity you should check out is Ed Begley Jr. 

    He is an actor who has been in films like “Pinapple Express” and is SUPER GREEN.  His house has solar panels, solar water heating, rain water collection, and pretty much anything else you can imagine green!

    He has a show called Living With Ed.  You should check it out, see all the Green stuff he does around Los Angeles. 

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    Hayden Panettiere, an actress on the Heroes television series, is a pretty hardcore animal rights activist. She has been a part of many anti-whaling and dolphin hunting protests. She was part of the documentary The Cove which dealt with the Japanese dolphin hunting problem.

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    Tom Hanks has done demonstrations of prototype “green” cars on his MySpace page.  There are videos up now on electric cars.

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