What are the causes of green house effects and its consequences on the environment



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    The greenhouse effect is caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.  The common greenhouse gases are CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane, and while there are natural producers of these like volcanoes and even humans, manufacturing produces a lot of greenhouse gases that the environment can’t create a balance for.  Naturally, the greenhouse effect is a good thing.  It lets in heat and keeps it here so that our world is at an inhabitable temperature.  However, with the increased amount of gases produced, the layer of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere is getting bigger, so the world has the potential to heat up as less of the heat can escape.  This climate change can melt the icebergs as it is doing now and cause a rise in sea level that could potentially wipeout many coastal cities around the world.

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    Green house gases consist of water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone and methane. The sun abosorbs these gases into the atmosphere which can slow infrared radion’s dispersion from the atmosphere. This is caused by burning natural gas, coal, and oil, some large industries (such as mills) contribute to gases being abosorbed by the sun’s radition.  This could potentially reduce fresh water supplies, increase in animal extinction, and and increase in overall temperature.

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