What are cat fish?



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    Catfish include a variety of species that can be found in waters throughout the world, in places like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Zambia, South Africa, China, India, and Indonesia. Currently, the All Catfish Species Inventory (ACSI), a project of the National Science Foundation, aims to document 1,750 or more of these freshwater and marine water species, hopefully finding numerous new species throughout the process. According to the ACSI as of 2002, there were 37 different groups of catfish; these include Amphiliidae, Ictaluridae, Mochokidae, Plotosidae, and Trichomycteridae.

    One species is the walking catfish (Clarius batrachus). They are typically a gray color, and have teeth. They are most often found in Southeast Asia. Insects, plants, and fish eggs might all be part of the diet. Due to the suprabranchial arborescent organ, the walking catfish may wriggle across land for short amounts of time. Another interesting fact about this catfish is that it can survive in places most other fish cannot inhabit: these include ditches, flooded prairies, and warm water.

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    River catfish can grow to be about 5 feet long and are native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. These fish are currently threatened by losing their habitat, overfishing, and industrial pollution. Below is a pretty cool picture of river catfish in Cambodia. 


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    Catfish are delicious! Catfish is one of my number one favorite foods. They are so good that I often requested that my parents cook them for my birthday before I went to college and learned how to cook them for myself. They are really good cooked with cajun seasoning and lots of spices.

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