What are carbon emissions?



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    “Carbon emissions” is a term that refers to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of burning fuel to make energy.  Carbon dioxide is a natural part of the Earth’s atmosphere, and absorbing carbon dioxide is a natural process in plants.  However, since humans developed the technology to pull carbon out of the ground and release it into the atmosphere, the amount of carbon currently present is much greater than it ought to be, and much too great to rely on plants to process it all.  Thus, much of the carbon dioxide we produce stays in the atmosphere, and this increased presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is considered one of the main causes of climate change.

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    The ways humans emit carbon dioxide every day are: burning gas in our cars, using plastics like plastic grocery bags from the store (the process of making the bags burns CO2, as carbon dixoide is known), using electricity, flying in airplanes, etc, etc.

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