What are camel humps made of?



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    They are made of fat. They store nutrients so camels can go for weeks without food or even water, living off these stores of fat in their humps.

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    Their humps are masses of fatty tissue, which act as energy storage. In lean times, camels will use up the energy stored in their humps, and their humps will shrink accordingly. It’s like the fat around a human gut: it is the body’s attempt to store excess energy for later. Humps don’t hold water — that’s a myth.

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    Camels humps are made of fat. Although not a water storage like many people believe, this supply is fat is a very useful tool for camels to be able to survive in harsh desert climates. The fat gives them immediate energy, allowing them to survive for extended periods of time without much of a food supply. As the camel goes for longer amounts of time without eating and uses up more of it’s energy store, their humps begin to visibly shrink. They are replenished, however, when the animal finds food again.

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