what are the burning problems in the field of overall infrastructures in nepal



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    Nepal very recently witnessed a civil war, which has created a whole new dimension of infrastructural issues. If you already know all about this political strife and are looking for a more general state of affairs, just skip the second paragraph!

    The civil war ended Nepal’s monarchy in 2006. The Constituent Assembly, formed in 2008, has failed to produce a new constitution. One of the biggest issues is the question of federal states: should they be named after ethnic groups? The Maoists who led the civil war did so on behalf of the many disempowered ethnic groups in Nepal, but many protest that this move would cause further internal turmoil.

    This fresh political unrest has left behind 50,000-70,000 internal refugees. 30.9% of the population is already living below the poverty line. 75% of the population is in the agricultural sector, which only produces a third of GDP. The country is prone to natural disasters (flooding, landslides, monsoons) and endures a high risk of disease (diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, dengue fever). Nearly 40% of Nepali children under 5 are underweight–ranking the country 7th in the world for this nutritional issue.

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