What are Bloom Boxes?



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    A Bloom Box is an energy device developed by Bloom Energy. The Bloom Box is essentially a ‘power plant-in-a-box’ that generates electricity wirelessly. The power generated by the Bloom Box is inexpensive, clean, and releases no emissions. The device was designed with the hope that one day, big power plants and transmission line grids will be replaced by te Bloom Box or similar products, in the same way that laptops have begun to replace desktop computers and cell phones have begun to replace land lines.

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    A Bloom Box is a refrigerator-sized device that sits in one’s backyard and produces energy for that home. The goal of these boxes it to one-day replace nuclear power plants and transmission lines with them. Using oxygen and fuel (baked sand chips covered with ink), there is no need for burning or combustion; these machines are somewhat small, wireless, inexpensive to operate and emission free. 

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    Bloom Boxes are like mini power plants. About refrigerator size, one bloom box is comprised of two sections: one for fuel, and one for oxygen. Within the [fuel] cell (basically a battery), the two substances mix together and form a chemical reaction that produces electricity. There are no powerlines involved, no combustion, a one box can power up to four homes. They are the newest in clean energy inventions, but aren’t close to being mainstream yet because they are very expensive to make; they require plutonium and zirconium.

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