What are biomagnifications?



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    Basically, biomagnifications are like this: A person eats a fish that has already eaten a smaller fish which has been eating insects which had been eating plants. Through biomagnification, the plants, insects, and fish all exist within whoever ate the fish even though only the fish was eaten. Specifically, biomagnifications involve understanding the concenration or level of material or chemicals as these change through the entire process from plant to insect to fish to person. 

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    Biomagnification is when something increases in strength or potency with each new tier of the food-chain.

    The example most often given is the mercury level in fish.  Heres an example:

    Mercury is in the water

    small things like brine and krill abosorb mercury through their gills and through eating small parts of bacteria

    Small fish eat these brine and such, absorbing all the mercury the brine have in them, however the fish also absorbs mercury through its gills

    bigger fish eat the smaller fish absorbing the mercury that the smaller fish have (including everything the smaller fish ate) and also absorbs the mercury through its gills

    Large fish like tuna or swordfish eat these other fish gaining all the mercury it had, and from what it absorbs through its gills.

    So by the time we eat fish it’s already contaminated a lot more than we know 


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