What are bioluminescent bacteria?



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    There are certain marine bacteria that can produce light and they are called bioluminescent bacteria.  Interestingly, they often form a symbiotic relationship wtih other seal life and provide light for the animal while they in turn have a safe place to live. Interestingly, bioluminescence is not limited to bactera, fungi, plants and some insects are also bioluminescent.

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    Bioluminescent bacteria, of the Photomicrobium and Vibrio genera, may be found in digestive tracks and the decaying material of flashlight fish, angler fish, and bobtail squid. The light they produce may be a means for sea creatures to attract mates, hunt for food, or hide from predators. Additionally, scientists have found medical applications for bioluminescent bacteria in the prevention of antibiotic-resistant infections and the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

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