What are bike superhighways in London?



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    The London superhighway is a bicycle friendly commuter infrastructure that is completely designed for bicyclists. The routes are specially marked for an easy-to-follow bike path of the roads of London and are colored to keep drivers aware. In 2009 there were only 13 casualties, therefore they have proven to be safe and efficient thus far.

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    There are actually two Superhighways currently, called Barclays Cycle Superhighways, and two more are underway this year, with eight more scheduled in the the next four years. The hope is to bring more awareness to drivers of cyclists, but there is some criticism that there is no enforcement to keeping cars out of the lane. Cyclists are forced out of the lane to avoid parked cars, and one wonder if the new blue paint on an otherwise unchanged road gives less experienced cyclists “a false sense of security.” Personally, I think any step is still a step. Here in Portland Oregon, our green bike ways and bike boxes do seem to make cars take cyclists more seriously and recognize that legally cyclists are a part of traffic, not a hindrance to it.

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