What are the biggest limitations to recycling?



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    If i had to guess i would say that the biggest limitation is that alot of people will not want to do it without a insentive or inspiration because people wont due what they dont want to :(.

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    In addition to the last post, many people do not know how to recycle or where to recycle.  A lot of people reuse bags for example, but end up throwing them in the trash and think that this is recycling.  Reusing items is great, but they still ultimately need to be recycled.  

    Many do not have easy access to recycling facilities.  My apartment complex for example has a couple bins, but no cardboard recycling.  We have to go to the next closest complex to recycle our boxes.  I’m sure that I’m not in an uncommon situation.  

    The best thing we can do is make sure information about recycling and its benefits is readily available to the populous.  Here is a great website that outlines how recycling helps the environment, the economy, and households around the world.  It also includes an FAQ section with common recycling questions.  http://www.epa.gov/waste/conserve/rrr/recycle.htm

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