What are the biggest breed of tiger?



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    I assume you’re referring to tiger subspecies. There are nine known, three of which are extinct. Here are the six extant ones, in order of decreasing wild population: Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Sumatran, Siberian, and South China tigers. Of these, the Siberian tiger, also called Amur tiger is considered the largest in size. It has an average weight of 230 kg (500 lb) for males (with unconfirmed records of as tigers as big as 384 kg), and length of 160–180 cm for females and 190–230+ cm for males (270–330 cm with the tail).

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    Siberian tigers, or Panthera tigris altaica, can be up to 660 pounds in weight and 10.75 feet in length. They can eat up to 60 pounds in one night if they are very hungry.

    Siberian Tiger

    Photo credit: http://www.gotpetsonline.com/siberian-tiger/picture-white-siberian-tiger/siberian-snow-tiger.html

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