What are the best ways to save water?



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    Honestly, it starts at home! The less we use, the less gets wasted! Also, water recycling plants are really helping to decrease water waste.

    Some tips:
    1) Fill a bag of pebbles and place it in the tank of yout toilet (not the bowl) this helps use less water with every flush as the bag displaces water. You can save 5-10 gallons a day doing this

    2) turn off the water while brdhing your teeth! this can save about three gallons a day

    3) turn off water while shaving, just fill the sink with a bit of water to rinse your razor. This can also save about three gallons a day.

    Visit the cited link for a much more thorough list of ways to conserve water!

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    For your yard, use native species for landscaping. This way you will not have to water them because they can survive on the amount of rainfall in your area.

    Adopt the policy of “if it’s yellow, it’s mellow. if it’s brown, flush it down.”

    Never let the faucet run when you aren’t using it. (one of my pet peeves, even though it may not save a whole lot of water)

    Drip irrigation instead of spraying irrigation.

    Do not use a lot of products that take a lot of water to produce. (Cotton t-shirts use 400 gallons each. Check out the first link below for more products and amounts of water they use.)

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    Utilization of water saving devices around the home is essential at this stage. However, to go the extra mile, look into water reclamation tanks for all aspects of your water use (yes, even for your toilet water, also called “black water.”)

    Further, collect your rain water, rather than letting it go down your gutters, flooding your yard, and ultimately going down the sewer.

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    Check out these answers here, and more tips at http://www.bewaterwise.com/tips01.html

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    Another way to save water in your yard is to install a rain barrel. By catching the water off of your roof you will be able to collect large amounts of water that can be used to water your lawn or garden. 

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