What are the best ways to recycle my old clothes?



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    Give them to Goodwill! Pass them down to younger people in your family. The best way to recycle old clothes is to keep using them, which will best happen if you pass them along to others who will wear them.

    You can also create new clothes out of old clothes, if you are really creative and good with a sewing machine.

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    Try finding places that will buy or even allow you to trade your clothes for other clothes. Buffalo Exchange is a store where you can sell, buy or trade your clothes, and receive either money or new clothes for the clothes you give.

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    Get some friends together of a similar size and have everyone bring clothes they no longer want and swap with each other. The boys in my family (dad and three grown sons) still pass clothes that don’t fit to whoever is a size up or down.

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    I have the same clothes trading with gal-pals. As we all loose and gain weight like most women in there mid-twenties do, we exchange clothes back and forth quite frequently. One of my gal-pals is a wiz with the needle and always takes things apart to sew purses, bags and more clothes.

    I donate a lot of my clothing also but I feel the best way to recycle old clothes that aren’t really worth anything to anyone (like those really stupid company team-building give-a-way shirts 🙂 ) is to cut them up into small rags, put under the litterbox, use them as padding between glass products either in shopping or in the attic, use old shirts as dust rags or animal lining, the possibilities are near endless.

    Now that I think of it, I have two old t-shirts in my car’s first aid kit and emergency kit. (If I get a flat in a business suit, I won’t get TOO dirty!)

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    In addition to the excellent above suggestions (I second swapping clothes with friends – it’s a nice way to remember one another), the Huffington Post recently did a piece on 37 ways to reuse old clothing.  Some of the more creative idea include using interestingly patterned clothes to wrap wine bottles or using old socks to make hacky sacks.

    The second site also has “101 uses for old clothes”, my favourite of which is the t-shirt napkins:

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