What are the best ways to conserve forests?



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    The best ways to conserve forests are to leave them alone, both directly and indirectly.  Refraining from deforesting as well as disturbing the ecosystem is a great way to conserve forests.  However, forests can be indirectly harmed as well through pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss.  

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    There’s really only one way to conserve forests–don’t cut them down!  The minimalization of the use of non recycled lumber products (paper, textiles, etc) and the restriction of development to areas of least concern are both neccesary in order to prevent the loss of forest land, which has become all too common in every part of the world.  “Replacement logging” in which companies that harvest forests are required to plant new trees is an inefficent practice because the trees planted by loggers are often of a different species than those endemic to the forest and are also saplings which alter the understory without replenishing the canopy.

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    Like both answers above, the best way to conserve forests are to leave them alone. Another way is find an alternative. Trees are a common material in building and to some extent, cannot be replaced. However bamboo is a great alternative that can be used for flooring, gates, furniture ect. Some of the benefits of bamboo is that it is fast growing and grows in a lot of places (thus sustainable). Bamboo is also more durable than wood, rot resistant, termite free, and on a personal note, it looks pretty cool too. 

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