What are the best ways for Americans to save the environment?



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    I’m assuming you’re asking as an individual and there are lots of simple things americans can do on their own. Using alternative transportation or mass transit reduces the number of automobiles on the road by either walking, riding a bike, taking the subway or bus or carpooling. Recycling is always a positive step, so find out if your town offers recycling pick up, and if not, figure out where it can go or what you can re-use. Plastic grocery bags can be used to pick up kitty litter or as a trash bag in your bathroom. Water saving fixtures help save thousands of gallons yearly. If you can’t afford something like a dual flush toilet, placing a full 2 liter bottle in your toilet tank will reduce  the amount of water you use per flush. Make sure to unplug or shut off things you aren’t using at night. Create a compost pile rather than running a garbage disposal or throwing away leftover food. If you’re really out there, then get a hybrid or fuel efficient car for when you do travel & install sustainable power sources such as solar panels or small turbines (which will also reduce your energy costs). It is also important to write to representatives and elected officials to let them know how you feel about the environment. It’s not enough for them to support the Kyoto treaty or Copenhagen, but to actual make them into laws. There are many books that go over small basics people can do to improve their own homes, two of my favorites are “It’s Easy Being Green” by Crissy Trask and “The Green Book” by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen, and I’m sure there are many others, but that is where many of the tips I have provided you come from.

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    I agree with many of these and would add some more. Try and elimate as much meat as possible for your diet.  It is a wasteful process that uses up resources, energy, and land for very little energy in return. Factory meat farms are one of the biggest polluters and environmental enemies that exists.  Eating a non meat diet is more energy efficient, heathier, and also cheaper.

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