What are the best veggie burgers?



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    Oh, wow, it’s been years since I had a veggie burger, but back when I lived in the States I used to buy the Amy’s kitchen veggie burgers, simply because they tasted good and I could pronounce all ingredients.  My last year of university I lived with this little old Danish woman who ate the same exact things everyday.  Sometimes I’d cook and offer her food, but she always refused it.  One day I brought home a package of veggie burgers and put them in our freezer.  The next day I opened up the freezer to take out a veggie burger.  The package was opened and only one out of four burgers was left.   The elderly woman I lived with had eaten three of them in the course of 24 hours.  

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    I’m partial to the Aggie Burger served by the UC Davis dining commons. However, I have not gotten to eat one of those since I was a freshman. They have a consistency more like a sloppy joe and tend to fall apart when you eat them, but they taste really good! I like them because they are fresh and aren’t filled with whatever gluey stuff holds the frozen ones together in patties.

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    This recipe for a tofu burger is pretty de-lish: http://www.savvyvegetarian.com/vegetarian-recipes/tofu-burgers.php

    As for pre-packaged ones, I try to avoid most of them but the GardenBurger variety is pretty tasty and has mostly all natural ingredients: http://www.gardenburger.com/product.aspx?id=11631

    Lastly, you can make a pretty tasty black bean burger with this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/homemade-black-bean-veggie-burgers/


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    My all time favorite burger is from the restaurant, Red Robin.  It is traditionally served on a beef patty, however, they offer the option of a boca or garden burger.  I order on the garden burger, and words cannot explain how good this burger is.  It has chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, deep-fried jalapanos, and fresh salsa – SO GOOD!

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    I like black bean veggie burgers the best. Topped with some salsa, spinach, and onion rings, it’s delectable. I’m sure that some chipotle mayo would be especially fantastic – the option described by mcoffey really does sound amazing!

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