What are the best outdoor protective measures to avoid dengue and other mosquitos?



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    You can minimize populations of mosquitoes in and around the home and other places by getting rid of any water where they can breed and lay eggs. Containers, decorations, wheelbarrows, pots, dishes, flower pots, etc. Frequently clean and change the water for those items that require water such as pet dishes, bird baths, etc. at least once a week.

    You can’t get rid of all mosquitos so when in areas of risk of Dengue and other mosquito bites, minimize your risk of bites as best as you can. Wear mosquito repellent to protect yourself. Eucalyptus repellent is a “green” option. When outdoors, wear long sleeves and pants so you have less exposed skin. If mosquitos are an issue indoors or such as while camping, sleep with mosquito nets.

    For more information on dengue, check out the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website.


    Michelle Sawyers Harris (aka “Bug Hugger”)

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