What are the best eco-friendly warm socks?



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    Green Eco Living (2011) recommends trying a pair of hemp socks. Hemp fibers are a great alternative to synthetic fibers and they are sure to keep your feet soft, warm, and dry. The growing of hemp fibers for the use of clothing is something that has been going on for 12,000 years. Unlike cotton, hemp is strong, long-lasting, and way better for the environment. While hemp socks can be washed in a conventional washer, they should be kept out of the dryer and layed out or hung to dry (which saves on energy).

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    Socks for Happy People has a selection of eco-friendly socks in cute, vibrant colors. They are made with organic cotton and recycled packaging. For some quality organic socks, Zkano appears like a good brand according to the Natural Papa blog. The writer comments that it he can “heartily recommend them to anyone looking for a green sock that’s made to last”.

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