What are the benefits of solar thermal?



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    Solar thermal energy harnesses the energy from sunlight to heat up water to useful temperatures. They can be used to warm water for both private and commercial purposes, from heating up home swimming pools to generating steam for industrial production. The benefits of solar thermal stem from it being a totally renewable source of energy and the fact it is completely non-polluting, the only product being hot water.

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    To add, solar thermal is a great way to lower your electricity bill due to heating up your water (which coast a lot). It is also the cheapest of all solar energy technologies. It will roughly cost you $5,000 to heat up your home’s water of 2-3 people. That doesn’t include the federal tax credit you get if you put solar thermal on your home or any state incentives your state might offer. To find out if your state offers any incentives click the first link below.

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