What are the benefits of smokeless cigarettes?



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    The benefits of smokeless cigarettes are numerous.  First of all, there are none of the hundreds of toxins associated with the regular cigarettes found in them.  They still have nicotine of course, which has still been linked to health problems, but the absence of those other toxins is wonderful.  There is also no smoke being created which is beneficial to those around you, and the environment.  Lastly, they end up being cheaper than regular cigarettes with all of the new taxes and rising prices of them.  The 15 cigarette equivalent cartridge of the elecrtonic cigarettes cost $1.59 compared to the $6.50-$7.00 of a pack of regular cigarettes.

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    First of all, smokeless cigarettes are apparently less toxic than regular cigarettes and are also a LOT cheaper in the long run for smokers. Smokeless cigarettes can save the lives of smokers and the people who breathe second-hand smoke are much better off. Smokeless tobacco also effectively provides the nicotine kick that smokers crave. A last benefit is that “modern smokeless tobacco products can be used invisibly, much like a breath mint, in any social situation.”

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