What are the benefits of the organic solar cell developed by the University of Cambridge?



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    Principally, the benefits come from affordability and ease of use. The cells are cheap to produce, using smaller amounts of more inexpensive material than previous solar cell technology and a roll to roll manufacturing process similar to newspaper printing. These thin plastic sheets will not only be affordable, but much easier to apply and far less conspicuous on a variety of surfaces (your car, buildings, sun awnings, etc). They can be molded to just about anything. There is even talk of development of photovoltaic paint! If the development of these new cells continues in success, the technology could very well replace the expensive and temperamental solar cell fields currently in operation.

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    Most solar cells are inorganic and are made of materials that are not only very expensive, but also toxic when leaked into the environment.  If we can perfect organic solar technology, it would be much cheaper and less environmentally damaging. 

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