What are the benefits of organic eggs?



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    Organic eggs mean that the chickens producing the eggs were fed organic feed (no GMOs) and they had access to an outside cage free environment. No antibiotics are used and the chickens are treated more humanely than in the non-organic commercial egg business. The healthier the bird, the healthier the egg will be in terms of nutritional profile. Organic eggs usually have higher levels of Vitamin B, Folic Acid, and Omega-3.

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    There is a distinction between the labels “organic” and “free range” on eggs.  The USDA requirements for the “free range” label are somewhat misleading; hens have to have access to the outside for a minimum of 5 minutes per day, and there is no claim that “free range” eggs are produced without hormones and antibiotics.  Make sure to look for the “organic” label.

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