What are the benefits of LEED Certification?



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    There are a number of benefits to building or updating to LEED standards. LEED qualities are foremost there to benefit the environment. They cut down on wastefulness and emissions and increase efficiency overall. After a time, a business can save money on energy costs as well. An LEED certification can also create a healthier work environment with the improvement of air and water quality in buildings. 

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    Like many certifications, having a LEED certified building provides some standard of measure in an industry that naturally has quite a bit of variability. It allows companies or business to be able to compare their progress towards less energy intensive architecture.

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    Besides the obvious fact of benefiting the environment, these kind of certificates and so to say awards drive companies into competition. Thus making better and better products, materials at a lower price. The harder it is to get a certificate the more prestigious it is for the first company to achieve it. To illustrate, in Europe cars that were the first to be awarded 5 stars on NCAP crash tests were highly publicized by the manufacturers. 

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    Leed has new guidelines for 2012 that will benefit the environment even more. In the area of water usage, for example, the baseline changed from 120% to 100% for plumbing fixtures installed in 1993 or later and from 160% to 120% if prior to 1993. Water irrigation must be 20% below baseline for the site’s peak watering month.

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