What are the benefits of having a “bat box” near your home?



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    Bats can act as natural mosquito controllers: they can eat up to 1,000 mosquitos a night. Bats are also becoming threatened in some areas and need their populations to be restored.

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    Bats are great at controlling insect populations. In addition to providing entertainment bt swooping around catching bugs, they will significantly reduce mosquito populations (which carry disease), as well as beetles, moths and other potential pests. In addition, if you have a garden or crops nearby, many of a bat’s preferred food choices are the insects that significantly harm cultivated plants. The use of bats as a pesticide also means less chamicals on the lawn, which is more environmentally sound. In addition to eating some, your little bat colony will encourage other insects to find somewhere else to live.

    Depending on where you live, you can plant various beautiful flowering fruit plants that will be pollinated by the bats. Contrary to myth, bats will not intentionally get close to humans, and are not likely to roost in the attic just because there is a bat box nearby.

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