What are the benefits of desalination?



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    At first glance it doesn’t seem like our planet is lacking in water supply,  however much of our water is undrinkable.  Desalination’s sole purpose serves to transform seawater and other sources of undrinkable water into viable sources of drinking water.  This would be extremely crucial in countries where droughts are prevalent and fresh water sources are limited due to toxicity and bacterial contamination.

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    see previous answers

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    Necolepe is correct that freshwater available for human consumption is highly scarce. Less than 1% of the earth’s freshwater is accessible for human use. The rest is locked in ice caps or glaciers, is present in the soil as moisture, or lies deep underground. Of course, 97.5% of all water is salt water, which we cannot use for drinking or irrigation. Desalination will allow us to use some of that 97.5% of the current salt water. 

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    Desalination is useful because it is the removal of excess salt from water or soil. Excess salt makes soil unsuitable for agriculture and as well makes water undrinkable.

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