what are the benefits and consequences of urbanization?



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    Urbanization is definitely a two-sided coin.  Here is some of what I’ve found:


    • The availability of resources is very important.  Access to food, employment and a close network of people is a recipe for a happy, well cared for population.  These are things a city provides.
    • Social services are more available in urban areas than rural.  Medical care, schools, libraries, fire stations are only a short distance away. 
    • Efficiency.  Having a large amount of people concentrated in a relatively small area, is an easy way to make sure a large portion of your population has access to resources.  Utility companies and the like are able to get resources to people.


    • When a city becomes overpopulated, numerable problems occur.  Unemployment leaves people without income and unable to find affordable housing.  When this happens, slums develop, forcing people into temporary, unstable living situations with obstructed access to the services enjoyed in healthier areas.  The crime rate inevitably increases due to desperation and immobility.
    • The environment takes a beating.  There is more air pollution, the temperature increases and the looming possibility of a contaminated water supply. It’s incredibly important for a government to oversee these processes to avoid negligence on behalf of the private sector. 
    • Unfortunately, urban sprawl is also an inevitable result of increasing metropolitan populations.  This results in habitat destruction, and other wildlife and environmental problems.  It is very important for a planning process before expansion, to avoid damage to the earth’s resources.
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