What are the beneficial and harmful effects of volcanoes?



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    Volcanoes can be both beneficial and harmful. For example, volcanoes can be beneficial because their slopes and other surrounding regions are covered by nutrient rich soil. In addition, volcanic eruptions can create new islands. Volcanoes also produce several unique precious gems and stones such as the opal, obsidian, and pumice stone. Last but not least, volcanically active regions are a source of geothermal energy. 

    However, negative aspects of volcanoes include the destruction property and death. In addition, volcanic eruptions can cause tsunamis to occur. Volcanic eruptions can also cause pollution because of the dust and ash that is emitted into the atmosphere. The ash and dust can also contaminate water sources vegetation. 

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    On the negative side the Toba eruption caused “the Year Without a Summer” since the dust spread caused global darkening.   Volcanoes have a capacity to wreak havoc on agriculture in this manner.  Ironically they also have the capacity to make agriculture flourish.  Our soil here in Chile is amazing rich with nutrients and yields plants easily because of the history of volcanic activity that’s occurred here.  

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