What are bad things about natural gas?



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    There’s nothing inherently wrong with natural gas, but the way that companies are mining for it right now is really terrible.  It’s called “fracking,” and it means that they drill a mile into the earth and pour chemicals and water into the ground to get the gas out.

    This has been proven to pollute the ground water and cause illness in animals and humans in the surrounding areas.  A loophole in a certain bill means the EPA can’t regulate this harmful practice.  Hopefully, in the future, a bill will pass that closes this loophole; such a bill, the FRAC Act, is in discussion now.  Signing a petition to show your support about this could help, like this one.  Calling and writing to your local representatives can also help.

    If you don’t know about fracking, I highly suggest watching the film “Gasland.”

    Some more information is supplied below.

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