What are the bad effects of factory farming?



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    Factory farms are known to be excessive in size, have little to no regard for animal welfare, misuse pharmaceuticals, and mismanage waste.  Factory farms are part of corporate consolidation of the entire agricultural process (from production to distribution) and tend to eliminate the competition from smaller farms.  In addition to pollution and adverse effects on public health, factory farms, because they are subsidized by the government, drive the cost of food down.  The lower cost of food allows these corporations to reduce wages and eliminate jobs.


    Watch Food, Inc. for a further exploration of the effects factory farming has on our lives.

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    The worst effects of factory farming is the treatment of animals and there pollution of the environment. The workers have no emotional attachment to the animals or land and therefore do not care for what they are doing. Companies do not see the effects of their actions and it is also hard to know where to put the blame. Companies just merely seek to profit from factory farming. 

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