What are bad effects of Coca-Cola?



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    There are a few negative effects to drinking Coca-Cola, some of which are very well known. These well known effects include the high caffeine and sugar content, leading to poor health and “sugar crashes” after consuming the soda. A lesser known negative effect is that Coke has been found to lower a male’s sperm count by as much as 30%, though the effects are not permanent. Aside from the carbonation being bad for your teeth, another little known effect is the acidity of the drink and its effect on your stomach acid; this causes your stomach to secrete more enzymes to maintain pH levels. 

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    The sugar content of Coca Cola is arguably the worst thing about it.  A diet high in sugar can lead to obesity and adult-onset Type 2 diabetes.  The sugar in Coca Cola can also wear away the enamel on your teeth, making them sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and increasing the chances of getting a cavity.  

    Coca Cola also contains lots of caffeine.  Consuming lots of caffeine daily can interrupt your natural sleep patterns and can actually make you feel more tired during the day, despite caffeine’s stimulant effects.  Shortly after consuming caffeine, the stimulant effects peak before quickly crashing, making you feel tired and cranky.

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